Our experience with the digital marketing team with the Alabama Strategic Marketing Group made an amazing impact on our business that has allowed us to grow to the point that we are at today. Our office was new and had been operating for over a year. Our online presence was almost non-existent even though we were investing money every month to try and correct this with an IT specialist. After swapping over to the ALSMG team, not only did we see an immediate improvement with our online presence, we also watched the business grow as a direct result of the conversion package that we agreed upon. Within roughly 1.5 years, we were able to close all of our satellite offices and start the beginning phase of building a new surgery center. During this time period, the only marketing that we participated in was with ALSMG’s digital team! Thanks to our partnership with ALSMG and the results that we received, we are planning to open our Surgery Center next month and continue to grow!
As a marketing agency, we had tried numerous digital campaigns with various sources to see results. After being disappointed by finding our advertisers showing little or no return on our investments, we decided to partner with the Alabama Strategic Marketing Group expecting the same results. We started out investing a a set amount towards a campaign for one client and really put ALSMG to the test. We gave the digital team the option of selecting from 2 towns located in a near by state that we had never advertised in before. In addition to that, both cities had competitors of ours and manufactured the product we were offering but within a radius that we could deliver our products to. At the end of the month, we sat down as a team to review the results and the dashboard. The results were amazing! Just to see the true results and compare apples to apples, the same amount of marketing dollars were allotted to a local IT and website developer to go directly through Google. ALSMG's team beat them hands down. This showed the results of having a customized campaign along with the effectiveness of having a local team with the ability to maximize the results. We have since added additional marketing campaigns, shifted additional marketing dollars to this digital account along with new advertisers and changed locations throughout the years. It has been a great way to prove to my clients the actual return on their investment. Our client has even reached it's peak at times which has resulted in having to hire additional employees to meet the demands of the results. ALSMG has proven their ability to stand behind their products and services.

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